The ultimate child abuse

by Debra Murphy

Debra originally wrote this article as a paper for her 8th grade English class.

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We have all heard stories about abortion cases. Stories about the survivors, stories about the so-called doctors, stories about the mothers. Sometimes these stories support the children, and the pro-life cause, but other times they support the 'pro-choice' movement.

If we think about it for a moment, their title is all wrong. They are not pro-choice at all. They are anti-life campaigners. The ultimate child abuse. Child molesting, childhood abuse, physical and emotional abuse of children are all forms of child abuse, but abortion is too. Abortion is morally and ethically wrong, and damaging, and should be illegal. Abortion of a human life within the mother's womb, is physically damaging, emotionally traumatic and ethically wrong.

The attempted murder of a human life, still within the mother's womb, is physically damaging, to both mother and child. If the abortionist makes a "mistake", and the child which was being aborted, is born alive, the chance of them having a debilitating disorder is high. Such disorders as Cerebral Palsy, are common among the survivors. In some cases, the process of abortion is also harmful to the mother, such as future pregnancy being impossible, even the mother bleeding to death. These procedures are dangerous, extremely risky and very damaging. These damages are almost always irreversible, and affect both mother and child.

Doesn't the law clearly state that murder is a horrendous criminal offence, and the murderer should be jailed? Well then, why does the law permit the killing of a human life within the womb? Maybe it is because they cannot speak out. That is, unless the abortionist trying to kill them didn't finish the job properly. Then, they can survive, if the abortionist doesn't get to them first. Even Dr. Willard Cates, the aggressively pro-abortion former chief of abortion surveillance for the Center For Disease Control, has been quoted as saying that reporting live births "is like turning yourself into the IRS ... What is there to gain?". In other words, reporting a live birth, is just not a 'done' thing, so abortionists are more likely to want to try to kill the born child, by other horrific means such as strangulation. You can't convince pro-lifers that this is, by any measure, fair. The law is very slack, and doesn't enforce it's own rules for murder. Abortion is, very literally, murder, but the law is slack, and in many cases, the knowledge of an abortion is hush-hush. Abortion equals violence: oppose both.

For a mother to kill a human life, within her womb, is emotionally traumatic for her. The full effects may take years to surface, but the guilt, when it comes, can be as torturous as killing a fully-formed human. An article by The New American has shown that the emotional scars suffered by women who have had abortions is quite tragic. Many regret the decision they made to kill their child. They say that if they had the choice again, they would choose a different course of action. The emotional scars cannot be seen, only felt with the heart, and told by those who have the scars. There is no doubt to whether killing a baby is traumatic for most mothers, the question is just whether we choose to listen to the cries of their hearts. Emotions can be ignored, but will you choose to ignore, or give the mothers of this world hope for forgiveness?

"The old law permitted abortion to save one life when two would otherwise die. The new law permits abortion to take one life when two would otherwise live." This was said by Dr Herbert Ratner. He was so true. The law should be enforced, and abortion only an option when the life of the mother is an issue, not just when it is "convenient" for the mother to do so. The Christian message brought a dignity to the concept of the individual person and the value of life. The Gospel taught that Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb by the Holy Spirit. What grew in her womb from conception was not a blob of tissue, but the person of the God-man Jesus. So, growing in each pregnant mother's womb, is not just a blob, it is a person, the beautiful person God has created. What then, gives us the right to torture, then murder, the God-given, God-created human life, within the womb? Nothing. This entire concept cannot be proven. It is a faith belief. If the pro-life forces triumph and abortion is again condemned, it may well be that other family-preserving values will be strengthened. But if we fail, few other family values or interpersonal moral values can endure if the one person ordained by nature and by God to protect each helpless innocent little one is allowed to kill her own flesh and blood to "solve" her own personal social, or economic problem.

Through abortion, the mother can be physically damaged beyond repair and emotionally traumatised with guilt. Abortion should be illegal, because of the repercussions suffered by the mother, child and other family members. Abortion is morally and ethically wrong, and damaging, and should be illegal. Abortion is an immediate, personal, one-on-one, voluntary decision over which participating person has direct control, that is, except for the unborn. Who will speak for them? Who will stand up for the life which they represent? Will you?

Posted 20 Oct 2000.

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