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United States Canada United States Mexico Belize Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Cuba Jamaica Haiti Dominican Republic United States Costa Rica Panama Columbia Venezuela Ecuador Peru Guyana Suriname French Guyana Bolivia Paraguay Chile Argentina Brazil Uruguay Denmark United Kingdom Iceland Trinidad and Tobago Ireland Norway Sweden Denmark Andorra Estonia Latvia Lithuania Germany Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Spain Liechtenstein Italy France Portugal Luxembourg Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Austria Hungary Moldova Belarus Ukraine Finland Romania Bulgaria Yugoslavia Albania Greece Afghanistan Algeria Angola Armenia Australia Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Benin Bhutan Morocco Tunisia Libya Egypt Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Sudan Eritrea Djibouti Ethiopia Somalia Togo Ghana Sierra Leone Liberia Cote D'Ivoire Guinea-Bissau Guinea Gambia Senegal Burkina Faso Nigeria Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Gabon Congo (Brazzaville) Central African Republic Rwanda Burundi Uganda Kenya Congo (Kinshasa) Malawi Tanzania Zambia Lesotho Swaziland Zimbabwe Mozambique Botswana Namibia South Africa Madagascar Israel Lebanon Syria Jordan Kuwait United Arab Emirates Oman Yemen Saudi Arabia Iraq Georgia Turkey Turkmenistan Tajikstan Kyrgystan Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Iran Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka India Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand Myanmar Malaysia Mongolia North Korea South Korea Japan Taiwan Philippines New Zealand China Indonesia Papua New Guinea Russia
Green Abortion never legal, or legal only when necessary to save the life of the mother or protect her physical health
Yellow Abortion legal in "hard cases", such as rape, incest, and/or deformed child.
Red Abortion legal for social reasons (e.g. mother says she can't afford a child), or to protect the mother's "mental health" (definitions and requirements vary).
Purple Abortion legal at any time during pregnancy for any reason.

This map presents a summary of present abortion laws around the world. We first collected this data in 2002. We conducted a major review and update in 2007, so the information should me (mostly) accurate as of that date. We have made some sporadic updates as we became aware of changes since.

For a more detailed breakdown of each nation's laws, see our article Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World. (Clicking on any country in the above map should take you to the entry for that country in the "Summary" article.)

Note: Or, Some excuses from the geeks: A number of small countries are not included on this map. This is not intended to in any way imply that we think these countries are unimportant. It simply reflects the practical reality that it is difficult to cram every country in the world into a map that will fit on a computer screen. Likewise, you may find that the "clickable area" of a country doesn't always quite match the borders. When you get into the inner technical details, clickable regions are defined totally separately from the image itself, and there are practical limits to how precisely clickable regions can be drawn, and we did the best we could. (As it is, we spent weeks working on this map fitting in all the countries that we did.)

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Originally posted 4 Sep 2002.

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